Finding Your Fit: Which Nicotine Level is Right For You?

Nicotine & What Strength Suits You Best?

So you’re new to vaping? If you are currently smoke and would like to make the switch to vaping, an important question you’ll likely ask yourself ‘what nicotine level is ideal for me?’. A lot of people tend to get a bit confused as to which nicotine strength suits them best. Objectively, I’ll say in choosing the right strength is very simple and you’ve came to the right place for answers.

What Nicotine is?

Nicotine is actually a chemical that your body naturally expels. In small doses acts as a stimulant and is derived from a tobacco plant. In room temperature nicotine is an oily liquid, colorless and is very dangerous if it gets on skin. Nicotine is very addictive and is commonly abused. Nicotine is a mild stimulant similar to caffeine. When nicotine enters the body it sticks to receptors in the brain causing dopamine release and gives you a relaxed feeling. Nicotine has many benefits such as concentration, stress relief, improved focus and many more things.

The Main Difference Between Nicotine from A Cigarette Vs. Vaping

When you smoke a cigarette

you’re not only inhaling nicotine but also inhaling extra chemicals. These extra chemicals actually trap nicotine inside your body. This means cigarette companies are adding nicotine and extra chemicals which make nicotine much more addicting than nicotine by itself. If you’re smoking a pack a day, then you’ll continue to smoke a pack everyday until you decide to quit.

With vaping

, aside from propylene-glycol (PG) and vegetable-glycerin (VG) there are no extra chemicals or carcinogens allowing nicotine to leave the body as it naturally does. What is truly nice about vaping and getting nicotine through it is that you can control how much nicotine enters your body by the strength of e-liquids you end up purchasing.

Nicotine Strengths and Understanding Measurements

As a beginner, there is so much information to know about E-cigarettes, E-juice and their components. The most important factor to one succeeding with vaping is if they are getting the same satisfaction they once were from the traditional tobacco cigarettes. This will all depend on the strength of the e-liquid.

What are Nictoin Measurements

The e-juice/e-liquid will always be measured in mg/ml (milligrams per milliliter). This tells us how much nicotine we are getting per 1mL we vape.

0mg/mL Nicotine

Absolutely means that there is no nicotine in your E-Liquid. Zero nicotine is used by people who have quit smoking already but still have an oral fixation/habitual habit and use an e-cigarette to satisfy it, or by people that want to pick up vaping for other uses.

3mg/mL Nicotine

Most of the time this nicotine is the lowest level offered. For those who want to enjoy the lowest nicotine level while still enjoying a flavorful taste.

6mg/mL Nicotine

This level of nicotine used to be the lowest, but with the innovation and more technology coming out on devices; nicotine gets delivered more effectively meaning there’s not much of a need for stronger nicotine strengths.

12mg/mL Nicotine

This is the higher side of nicotine in vape, 12mg/ml is a more suited level for those who enjoy the throat hit nicotine delivers. I’d say this nicotine level maybe even 18mg is better for those who smoked a pack a day.

18mg/ml Nicotine

Mostly for those vapers who use to be a former smoker, will enjoy this level. Delivering the perfect amount of nicotine in each puff/pull. If you’re using a sub-ohm device this is not recommended

Higher than 18mg/mL

E-liquids can be offered in 24mg. That level of nicotine content is rather high based on devices we use to deliver it nowadays. Most of the brands VIBLEO carries has a max level of 6mg nicotine, however you can find some, like the Coheiba line, that will have higher nicotine content as they are primarily to satisfy former smokers.I hope this article helped with clearing up what nicotine is and which nicotine is best suited for you.


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