Blackberry Crumble - Who's ready to make them feel better for a little dessert? Sometimes it is not easy to spend a long day without something sweet to cheer you up. Blackberry Crumble will be the salt liquid with which you can vap if you like something that satisfies your sweet tooth. If you pull this salt e liquid, you'll taste the warm crumble that will be crispy, buttery. Who doesn't like a little buttery and delicious sweet? As you continue to taste this blend, you start tasting a sweet and tangy blackberry that will improve the taste of this sweet dessert. As these flavors come together, they slowly begin to walk your throat. You travel slowly, as if you are anxious and thrilled to feel the throat hit you are about to receive from this blend. Once you feel it, you can taste the flavors just explode in your mouth and make you feel like you are eating the whole crumbling blackberry made for a group of people. However, because you had a long day of stress, you felt you had more need than anyone. You start to let the salt and liquid out of your system when you think you had enough of this first pull. You can feel that the mixture comes up from your throat and gets out of your mouth. The clouds will be small, but they will still smell amazing. When your cloudy friends disappear into the sky, you are clear to start again. The salt and the liquid won't end, right?

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